HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). It refers to the different systems, machines and technologies used in indoor settings such as homes, offices and hallways, and transportation systems that need environmental regulation to improve comfort.

Compresses refrigerant, increasing its pressure and temperature. Hot, outside air is blown over the refrigerant vapor by the condenser to liquefy it. The expansion valve changes refrigerant into a low-pressure liquid, thus cooling it.

SAC has comprehensive insight regarding the future of the projects support services and maintenance and operation of HVAC works in all sectors. We can provide experienced and high standard team and resource for executing for installation of HAVAC package equipment. Supply, fabrication and installation of duct, support and insulation works of high quality.

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SARYA Arabia Contracting is a 100% Saudi owned company based in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The company was established in May 1997 for industrial and commercial construction.

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