Oil Gas Pipeline

pipeline construction project looks much like a moving assembly line. A large project typically is broken into manageable lengths called “spreads,” and utilizes highly specialized and qualified workgroups. Each spread is composed of various crews, each with its own responsibilities

Pipelines used for natural gas transmission feature steel construction — the pipes are made in steel mills and must be engineered to meet the standards for natural gas pipelines. The diameter of the pipeline typically ranges from six to 48 inches, depending on the location and the specific purpose of the pipeline in that area. Mainline pipes generally fall between 16 and 48 inches in diameter, and the lateral pipelines that deliver the gas to and from the mainline range between six and 16 inches in diameter.

SAC has extensive high quality resources for pipeline construction to deliver work on schedule, on budget and to the highest standards of safety and quality. We can provide experienced manpower, equipment, welding systems, padding machines and other tools to accomplish the work successfully.

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SARYA Arabia Contracting is a 100% Saudi owned company based in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The company was established in May 1997 for industrial and commercial construction.

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